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References supporting the GRACE risk models

Updated Sept. 11 2007

1. Predicting Death and Death/MI in hospital

Granger, Christopher B. MD; Goldberg, Robert J. PhD; Dabbous, Omar MD, MPH; Pieper, Karen S. MS; Eagle, Kim A. MD; Cannon, Christopher P. MD; Van de Werf, Frans MD; Avezum, Alvaro MD; Goodman, Shaun G. MD, MSc; Flather, Marcus D. MBBS, FRCP; Fox, Keith A. A. MB, ChB, FRCP; for the Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events Investigators. Predictors of Hospital Mortality in the Global Registry of Acute Coronary Events. Archives of Internal Medicine. 163(19):2345-2353, October 27, 2003

2. Predicting Death and Death/MI from hospital admission to six months after discharge

Keith A A Fox, Omar H Dabbous, Robert J Goldberg, Karen S Pieper, Kim A Eagle, Frans Van de Werf, Álvaro Avezum, Shaun G Goodman, Marcus D Flather, Frederick A Anderson, Jr, and Christopher B Granger. Prediction of risk of death and myocardial infarction in the six months after presentation with acute coronary syndrome: prospective multinational observational study (GRACE). BMJ, Nov 2006; 333: 1091.

3. Predicting Death within the six months following hospital discharge

Kim A. Eagle; Michael J. Lim; Omar H. Dabbous; Karen S. Pieper; Robert J. Goldberg; Frans Van de Werf; Shaun G. Goodman; Christopher B. Granger; P. Gabriel Steg; Joel M. Gore; Andrzej Budaj; Álvaro Avezum; Marcus D. Flather; Keith A. A. Fox; for the GRACE Investigators. A Validated Prediction Model for All Forms of Acute Coronary Syndrome: Estimating the Risk of 6-Month Post discharge Death in an International Registry. JAMA, June 9, 2004; 291: 2727 - 2733.

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